Premium service package


Robinville is delighted to showcase the span of travel treasures that lie around the world. We offer a glimpse of what we do to as many influential people that are ready to experience Austria& the other surrounding countries we represent. 

We hold Familiarisation [FAM] Trips, which can be customised to suit your business needs. The FAM Trips are organised for Travel Agents, Tour Operators and members of the Media.

Travel Agents & Tour Operators:

The strength and the reach of our business has been a function of resilient longstanding relationships with our travel agent partners. Even if travel agents have been our partners for a long time, their FAM trips are structures around new destinations or fresh highlights on classic itineraries of their interest. We also hold FAMs for Tour Operators which gives them an opportunity to truly evaluate the strength of a destination through experiencing it first hand. 


Media plays an integral part of our communication efforts. With regards to this, it is only natural that we take a focused opportunity to showcase the best attractions, experiences, etc. to the members of the Media. Media FAM Tours make for great storytelling ideas with stunning backdrops, functional information and other materials as well.

We have exciting new FAM trips coming up! If you would like to be part of it, please send us an email.

Influencer Marketing

The powers of endorsements and consumer recommendations have always been values, but impossible to scale up, up until the emergence of influencer-marketing platforms. We harness the power of Influencer marketing to strategically influence an individuals actions. 

Our List of Individuals Include: 

  • Celebrities
  • Sports Stars
  • People with a Similar Social Status
  • Micro Influencers 

Public Relations

Here at Robinville, we help our clients to develop a powerful PR strategy to build positive visibility for a destination, attraction experience, etc. and reach travel and tourism opinion leaders to boost traveler visits.

Our team offers deep contacts with relevant experiences, a flair for creative packaging, and a hardworking approach that goes the distance when it comes to media and blogger relations.

We have managed campaigns for large and small brands, high-profile media and consumer events, social media campaigns and FAM trips and celebrity programs for destinations, hotels and resorts targeted to both leisure and business travelers.