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Environmental Protection & technologies for a clean future

Technologies for a clean future

The disposal and preparation of different types of solid and liquid waste provide large logistical, technical and organizational challenges for cities and communes. M-U-T addresses precisely these issues and offers universal solutions from one source.

Robinville has opened avenues for MUT in India by opening various sales channels. Recent developments show a promising future in the waste management sector of India. Environmental Protection is the main concern of M-U-T and it has set the goal to reach a top position in this field amongst all Austrian companies.

Environmental Protection

M-U-T’s long term experience and know-how enables it to see the world and its protection in one holistic view and helps M-U-T to contribute to sustainable development. Beneath all that, M- U-T guarantees continuous improvement, technical development and resource efficiency and sets the goal for a clean future for all of us. To find out more, visit